Agency Sector Initiative

Obtain Market Research and Data Analysis


Ghosa Research works with its Clients to make sure they have the latest research and analysis needed to make informed decisions. 

Ghosa Research supports Agencies by providing help:

              1)       When there is an overload of research needs and the Firm does not have

                        the time to perform the research.           


              2)       If the Firm needs research and does not know where to find it. 



We help Agencies with research and data analysis in the following industry sectors: 

-- Financial & Banking

-- Energy/Environmental

-- Pharmaceutical Industry

-- Chemicals

-- Computer Industry/Software/Hardware

-- Construction

-- Advanced Manufacturing

-- Consumer Products

-- Food

-- Aerospace

-- Entertainment

-- Hospitality

-- Healthcare

-- Steel

-- Agriculture

-- Medical

-- Labor/Employment

-- Family Law

-- Intellectual Property